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In uo Lands you can get Legacy coins by playing More information
If you have gotten a lot of Legacy coins playing you can exchange those coins for the objects that you can see below.
You will need send email to and and tell us what object you want and in what character you have the legacy coins. Then we will make the exchange.


Breath sosaria

Earrings,8.000 Legacy coins

Quiver of Life

Quiver,20.000 Legacy coins

Trevol's Cloak

Cloak, 10.000 Legacy Coins

Change Name Deed

Change name Deed,5.000 Legacy Coins

Compassion's Eyes

Ring,15.000 Legacy Coins

Conjurer's Grimoire

Book, 6.000 Legacy Coins

Dye cloth or Leather

You can choose what color you want,Ask us what color you want, 3.000 Legacy Coins


3.000 Legacy Coins

Ridgeback, Ki-Rin, Horse, Llama, Swamp Dragon, Unicorn, Cu Sidhe, Ostard, Reptalon, Hell Steed, Beetle, Polar Bear, Hiryu.

Father Boots

Boots,72.000 Legacy Coins

Legacy Bracers

Sleeves,15.000 Legacy Coins

Poison Wind

Weapon,10.000 Legacy Coins

Intelligence Sash

Sash,15.000 Legacy coins

Kasa of the Rajin Father

Kasa, 10.000 Legacy coins


Gorget, 15.000 Legacy Coins


Mempo, 20.000 Legacy Coins

Heart of Lion's Father

Tunic, 10.000 Legacy Coins

Mace & Shield Father

Glasses, 50.000 Legacy Coins

A Peet Bond Deed

Deed, 3.000 Legacy Coins

Quiver of Infinity

Quiver, 30.000 Legacy Coins

Despicable Quiver

Quiver, 25.000 Legacy Coins


Quiver, 20.000 Legacy Coins


Sandals, 5.000 Legacy coins

Shroud of the Condemned

Robe, 8.000 Legacy Coins

Skill ball

7 skills Up, 5.000 Legacy Coins

Stormgrip's Father

Gloves, 20.000 Legacy Coins

Sosaria's Cincture

Cincture, 30.000 Legacy Coins


225 Stats Up,5.000 Legacy Coins

Swordmanship Glasses

Glasses, 50.000 Legacy Coins

Kills Deed

Delete Murderer State, 3.000 Legacy Coins

Hue Pet

You can Dye your pets, 7.000 Legacy Coins

Trevol Cincture

Cincture, 10.000 Legacy Coins

Wizard Crystal Glasses's Father

Glasses, 20.000 Legacy Coins

Wizard Defender Glasses

Glasses, 20.000 Legacy Coins

Wizard's Hat

Hat, 20.000 Legacy Coins

Good Bless

Talisman, 15.000 Legacy Coins

Robe Final Father

Robe, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Protect Robe Father

Robe, 72.000 Legacy Coins


Up the Virtue you want, 2.000 Legacy Coins each one

Pigment 50 uses

Choose the hue you want(50 uses), 2.000 Legacy Coins

Father Warrrior Earrings

Earrings, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Father Wizard Earrings

Earrings, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Father Sash

Sash, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Final Cincture Father

Cincture, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Protect Cincture Father

Cincture, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Night Eyes

uo lands

Glasses, 15.000 Legacy Coins

Don Pelayo Cloak Father

don pelayo cloak father

Cloak, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Quiver of Warrior

quiver warrior

Quiver, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Quiver of Wizard

quiver wizard

Quiver, 72.000 Legacy Coins

Fey Leggings Father(all races)

Legs, 20.000 Legacy Coins

Spartan Sash

Sash, In game with quest

Humility Cloak

Cloak, 5.000 Legacy Coins

Quiver of Trevol

Quiver Trevol

Quiver, 15.000 Legacy Coins

CLoak Of Spartan

Cloak Spartan Uo Lands

Cloak, Only in game with quest


Shogun Helm Uo Lands

Helm, Only in game with quest