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1º Download and install Game(Only Download and install dont open!!): Download

2º Download Folder Electornics Arts from our links.

3º Once the folder is downloaded, we go C:\Archivos de Programa\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic and delete folder "Ultima Online Classic",keeping the folder Electronic Arts.

4º Now unzip folders from winrar's download and copy Ultima Online Classic folder on C:\Archivos de Programa\Electronic Arts\'here'

7º Remember to read Rules and our characteristics.

8º Now you only need put this Ip on Razor:,2593

9º Enjoy

Guide for new player

When you enter your account for the first time, you have to think carefully about the type of character you will be, elf or human, and the name you want, I mention thinking about the race of the character and the name because each race has its own racial abilities and the name because there are names that you would like more than had your student, your tamer or your pvp.

Race, Human y Elf:

Jack of all trades: Passively you have 20 points of all the skills without influencing the skillcap because these points are virtual and not physical (I give an example to understand what I mean, eg when you train skills are physical points and they tell you for the skillcap), EYE, the moment you train an ability the 20 passive points you have in that skill you lose.
Infused with magic: the cap of resistance to energy goes from being 70 to 75, to get to the cap with equipping armor that you raise that resistance more than 70.
Wisdom : You get a bonus at the maximum of your mana.
Tip: the first character advised to do it tamer with magery Why? Because that way you can get an animal quickly and you can start playing without it costing much. When doing your character tamer I advise doing elf since there is an animal called sidhe if you are not elf you can not tame or ride in it (if you are human and you take off with boots that are called pads of the cu sidhe you can ride). Likewise, if you are a wizard, the mana bonus that elves give you passively is very useful..
Once the character is created, you will appear in Luna (Malas), if you do not know how to get off, do not worry that you are not the first nor will you be the last, you just have to follow them as they are and they take you down.
If you use the command [Emails when registering the mail they give you a reward of Legacy coins that are some currencies of the server here I paste a link with the info,Legacy coins
You start with a skillcap of 700 that with veteran you go up to 720.
A possible template to start without costing you to do it is the following:
  1. Animal taming
  2. Animal lore
  3. Veterinary
  4. Magery
  5. Evaluating intelligence
  6. Resisting spells
  7. Meditation
Since you are a tamer magician it is not necessary to have a lot of dex (skill) so the priority is to raise the strength (strength) and the intelligence (intelligence) this is the relationship:
  • Strength—hit points
  • Dexterity—stamina
  • Intelligence—mana
Start is 225 statcap mybe you can use 100 strength, 20 dexterity y 105 intelligence.
Once we have uploaded the character with 100 animal taming, we bought a horse in Luna's stable (550 coins)we headed to Luna's gate and we go to Tokuno islands-->Isamu-jima In the image you can see the path that you will have to follow to tame the first animal in an easy way.

When you are on the boat you will only have to make a macro razor to tame it and you can tame it safely without hurting you, animal will come out as angry, you just have to be patient and keep trying tame it

You have to edit the time to try to tame the animal all the time without stopping:
-In razor in wait for target there is change the time giving it in edit timeout and change it to 1, In this link it comes out how to make a razor macro of tamear by type (that we do not need it in this case because we only want to tame a specific animal but that shows the change of the time of the wait for target that I mention make macro
Optional: this depends on each one but I advise it, instead of tamear a hiryu tamear two to put one in the barn to bondearlo (It takes about a week to bondear) and if you kill it you can resuscitate it without losing it, so while you play you have an animal in the barn.
Now go iishenar--> spirituality We are going to make a quest for new ones that gives useful prizes to begin to arm ourselves as lessers of tokuno (gloves of the sun, the book of fc 1 .. etc) that you can change 10 lesser for one greater (rune beetle, kasa of the rajin ... etc) or an arty of ML (soul seeker, boomstick ... etc), in this link to the forum there is a guide of this quest:

Link Quest Wilfrodo
There is also a new dungeon to which you can go from a bright portal near the gate of Luna, you will appear in a gates room and there you have to get into the one that says "Dungeon novatos" there the bugs are easy and you can also get more gold and two types of armor, yellow lrc and pink resist, they are mage armor so it will not affect the skill meditation (there are armors like the blacksmith ones that if they do not put mage armor they are not meditative and if you have the skill meditation you will not be able to activate it because it will tell you something like that the forces can not penetrate the armor and it will not regenerate you mana), the system of this dungeon is of the doom style, you enter a room and when you go killing you go out in the other rooms.
When you have the bonded hiryu or have some armor, there is an npc called Jonas that offers you several quest:
-The glorious hunter and the glorious hunter II, who give you as prize Legacy coins, I leave link with a guides:
The glorious hunter, The glorious hunter II
-There is another one called the doom collector that consists in killing x bugs in doom and assures you that it gives you a random doom arty, link of the quest guide:
The collector of doom
- There is another quest called the collector of pearls that you have to kill x dread horn and x shimmering and you ensure a crimson. For those who do not like the currito or do not know how to take tailor runes, there is another npc called Fermin that is a good option, As a reward you get a runner from tailor de horned or barbed, here I leave a link with a guide of the quest:
Quest Serado