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1 January 2019, 22:51

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Welcome to Uo Lands
  1. You need download our client, if you use another client you will be disconnected
  2. You need to ask for your accounts in our email
  3. You can have 6 accounts but only 2 active clients at the same time.
  4. all your accounts must be registered with a unique and exclusive email with the command [emails
  5. Tokuno Artifacts are enabled the first week of the month
  6. Quest added that will give the possibility of having 100% chance in doom and in Peerless, more information
  7. Quest added that will give the possibility of having tailor runics without the need to make bods, more information
  8. Added quest thought exclusively in the evolution of new players more information

Things that might interest you

To pvm we have a few quests, Are you tired of seeing other people get Doom artifacts while you don’t? Doom Collector quest will be your friend: You need to kill 7 times each Doom required monster, when you finish the quest, you can obtain a random Doom artifact. Are you tired of doing peerless and you don’t get a Crimson Cincture? Peerless Collector quest will help you: You need to kill 7 times Dread Horn and 7 times Shimmering Effusion, when you finish it, you can obtain a Crimson cincture.
To pvp these are some "customs", Greater explosion potion does not exist anymore, ranged weapons can't be created with Spell channeling, you need Animal taming to mount cu sidhe even if you have pads of the cu sidhe item.
We have a new player dungeon where you only can go in if your account is less than 15 days old to prevent old and veteran players go in, because there is a quest that gives you a power scroll 110 and a tailoring runic kit with 5 uses in this dungeon We have other custom quest which gives you a random tailoring runic kit as reward



  1. Only in Felucca
  2. Faction System enabled
  3. A horse named Mearas lives in the Fire dungeon, this animal can be resurrected without of veterinary skill
  4. A horse with skeleton skin lives in the area of ​​Neira, with 120 necromancy so you can ride it.

Can I get resources AFK?

if you don't get money directly yes, you can, for example can you take boards afk? yes but can you take boards and sell in NPC with macro-afk, no, you cant.

Where are the players from the server?

We are from Europe, our host are in Eu West, then our players come from Poland, Bulgaria, France,Italy, Spain, Finland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria and the east coast of the United States.


  1. Peerless are enabled, please when you make a peerles remember that the members of your party are less than 5 steps from you before entering, this includes animals, it is also convenient to refresh your party after a while.
  2. Doom Gauntlet are enabled, remember that we have several custom quest, one of them assures you an artifact at the end of the quest of doom.
  3. We have earring with properties

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