UO Lands quick start guide

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UO Lands quick start guide

Post by Developer » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:10 pm

UO Lands quick start guide:

You can jump to the number you want if you press “Search” on your browser and type the number wanted.
ex. 1-

1- Moongate Room
2- Animal Taming area, raising your Animal Taming skill
3- Training Area, location and NPC
4- Wilfrodo The Young Helper, “The Beginner quest pack” and Reward List
5- Newbie Dungeon, loot and monsters


1- Moongate Room.

Once you create your character, you need to know that we have a Moongate Room with different Gates, you can find it close to Luna Moongate.


2- Animal Taming area, raising your Animal Taming skill.

On the Moongate Room, you can find an Animal Taming area to raise your animal taming skill from 29.1 to 120.


There, you only need to look at the signs and choose the best area for your skill level.


Now it’s time to up your Animal Taming skill, you only need to make a Razor macro to use Animal Taming skill and target by type, YOU DON’T NEED TO RELEASE the tamed animals because wild animals will attack and kill your tamed one.


3- Training Area, location and NPC.

Also, you can find a Training area where you can raise some skills such as Combat skills.


You can train with some NPC’s named “Hit Me”, they will never die and they will deal little damage if you are close enough to them.


TIP: If you don’t want to be attacked, get an animal (cat, rabbit, horse… it doesn’t matter) and order your animal using “All kill” to attack the NPC Hit Me where you want to train on, once you see your animal get some damage, you can hit the NPC and it won’t hit you back because you aren’t its target.

4- Wilfrodo The Young Helper, “The Beginner quest pack” and Reward List.

Now, you have your character up to fight, let’s talk about “Wilfrodo, The Young Helper”, it is located on
Iishenar->Spirituality (near the Blood dungeon).



This NPC gives you “The Beginner quest pack”, these quests range from “The Beginner I” to “The Beginner V”, the high difficulty the best reward.

TIP: The NPC will show you all the Beginner quests, you only need to double click on its Health Bar and see how all quests are showed without needing to “Refuse quest”.
You can do these quests as much as you want, there is no limit.

Reward list:

The Beginner I: 10 Legacy coins(*) + Treasure of Tokuno Lesser or a Mondain’s Legacy Artifact
(*) Legacy coin is a coin obtainable by playing and staying online.
Quest guide: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=5438&sid=019ff98ad ... a1c2ea2f4d

The Beginner II: Random Power Scroll 110 or Tailoring Runic Sewing Kit with 5 uses
Quest guide: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=5439&sid=019ff98ad ... a1c2ea2f4d

The Beginner III: Random Power Scroll 115
Quest guide: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=5456&sid=019ff98ad ... a1c2ea2f4d

The Beginner IV: Power Scroll Book + Random Tailoring Runic Sewing Kit
Quest guide: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=5447&sid=3ed88da8c ... 0cb7a895b6

The Beginner V: Random Power Scroll 110 + Random Power Scroll 115
Quest guide: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=5457&sid=019ff98ad ... a1c2ea2f4d

5- Newbie Dungeon.

This is a New-Player Dungeon where you will have up to 15 days to go in.
-“The Beginner II” quest is made on this dungeon.-


This dungeon uses the same system as Doom(Gauntlet), once you kill the monster, the next one will spawn.
There, you can obtain two suits, “Yellow suit” and “Pink suit”. The Yellow suit has Lower Reagent Cost property, whereas the Pink one has high Resistances.

This list contains the Monsters you can find into the New-Player Dungeon, they are sorted by rooms:

Lich Young.
Ratman Archer Young.
Ratman Mage Young.
Skeletal Knight Young.
Titan Young.

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