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Guide for Ultima online beginners.

The first thing you should do is to up a mage and a tamer.

An example of mage template:

Magery 100
Evaluating intelligence 100
Necromancy 100
Spirit speak 100
Focus 100 (meditation is a good option, but you are new and you may not wear a meditative armor, so meditation skill won't help you at all)

Those 5 are obligatory because of they will help you to start getting money.

An exemple of tamer template:

100 Animal taming
100 Animal lore
100 Veterinary
100 Magery
100 Discordance
100 Musicianship

This will take longer than the mage, but once finished, you will be able to fight more dificult mosters than if you are playing a mage.

Properties of Ultima online

swing speed incrase (SSI) increases the weapon speed, the maximum on melee weapons is 30 and in ranged weapons 40.

Enhaced potions (EP) increases the effectiveness of potions, the maximum is 25 on each jewel.

Damage incrase (DI) increases the damage you deal.

Balanced: this property will only be seen in arcs, it is useful to take potions without having to undress your two-handed weapon.

Hit lower defense (HLD) It lowers the enemy's DCI, the maximum on a weapon is 50.

Hit lower attack (HLA) It lowers the enemy's HCI, the maximum on a weapon is 50.

Defense chance increase (DCI) Enemies will fail striking you, the maximun is 15 on each set.

Hit chance incrase (hci) increases the propabilities of hitting the enemy, the maximun is 15 on each set.

Lower regent cost (LRC) It avoids spending regents while casting spells, the maximun is 20 on each set.

Lower mana cost (LMC) You will spend less mana doing special attacks and casting spells, the maximun is 8 on each set.

Hit point incrase (HPI) increases your hit points in your status, the maximum is 5 on each set.

Stamina increase: increases your stamina in your status, the maximum is 8 on each set.

Mana incrase: increases your mana in your status, the maximum is 8 on each set.

Strenght bonus: increases your strenght, you obtain 1 hit point every 2 strength points, the maximum is 8 on each set.

Mana regeneration (MR) increases your mana regeneration, the maximum is 2 on each set.

Spell damage increase (sdi) increases the damage with spells.

Stamina regeneration: increases your stamina regeneration, the maximum is on 3 each set.

Faster Casting: casts magic spells faster, the maximum is 1 on each set.

Faster cast recovery: reduces the recovery time after casting a spell, the maximum is 3 on each set.

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