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Christmas event 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 5:37 pm
by Admin
We want to wish you all happy holidays,we are starting and we hope to have many Christmas with you.

For this Christmas we have prepared some events:

- Treasures of Tokuno: They will be active during the Christmas period.(20 December - 6 January)

- Moongate Doom2: In the city of Luna you can see a direct gate to Doom2

More events are coming soon ..

Re: Christmas event 2018

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:19 am
by Developer
More events for more fun!

-Added NPC near the Training and Trading city Entrance(use the moongates room to arrive), This NPC will show you a quest and also says what item you will need to complete the quest.
PS: You can only do this quest once.

-Added NPC in the snow pile cave near Deceit Dungeon in Trammel, This NPC will show you a quest and also says what item you will need to complete the quest.
PS: You can only do this quest once.

-You will get a gift on Christmas eve.

We hope you enjoy! :D

Re: Christmas event 2018

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 6:00 am
by Developer

On Saturday, 29 December , come to enjoy Uo Lands.
In Uo lands we are working on an automatic color war, but while we are finishing it, we are going to perform a non-automatic event with a duration of 40 minutes.

What will you need for the event?

You don't need anything, you won't need to have an account on the shard.

The event will be done on an copy of the orinigal shard in order to prevent to disturb other players who don't want to attend.

What is supposed you will do during the tournament?

During this week you will have to sign up and send an email to, you will have until Friday, 28 December to sign up !!!
On Saturday, 1 hour before the tournament, you will receive an email with a, username and a password to log in, when you enter you will find a character with a skillball and statball in your backpack.
You will be in an enclosed base and you will see that you will be in a guild, when the time passed, you will see an opened door at your base and then it will be time of war, for 30 minutes
You will fight against the rival team and you will be able to resuscitate as many times as you want, when 10 minutes left you won't be able to resuscitate if you die, and a GM will disconnect your tournament account.
If at 40 minutes all members of a team are defeated and disconnected, the other team will won, on the other hand, if at the end of 40 minutes both teams have members alive
the game will end without winners.


You mustn't left the guild.
You must sign up on the subject will be "COLOR WAR", it's very importat to write the subject!!!
You need to be on our discord channel
The winner team will receive a reward, our advice is to have a shard account in order to get the reward, the reward will be placed into the account which have the same email address you've used to sign up into the tournament and also, the email you've linked to all your game accounts.
If you only want to have fun and you aren't interested in the reward, you don't have to get an account name into the shard.
You will need to follow the shard rules.
You must have the right client version, if you have other client version your client can crash.

The tournament will start on Saturday, 29 December at 23.00 H(CET)