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In Uo Lands we have the Mondains Legacy expansion, from the staff we think it is the best expansion that the game has had and we want to share it with all of you.

Since you start in Luna, you will be the only one who will decide your destiny, whether it is an incredible PvP or a magnificent PvM

Account: 2 account per IP online in the same time. 6 total Accounts per person, if you have any question.
Characters:7 per account.
Houses: 1 per account
Skillcap: 700 Choose well, you can raise to 720 every 80 days you will earn +5 until you have 20 extras.
Statcap: 225 +5 veteran and up to +25 with power stats, making a total of 255.
Race: Human and Elf
¿Insured? Yes
Precast: Yes
Doom: Accumulable
Cap de Magery Cast: 2 Faster Casting 6 Faster Cast Recovery
Cap Chivalry Cast 4 Faster Casting 6 Faster Cast Recovery
¿Stygian Abyss? NO

Attribute Total Cap Uo Guide Information
Damage Increase 100% Guide 100% It is the cap between weapons and jewels
Hit Chance Increase 45% Guide 70% HCI if you want reduce HLA effect.
Defense Chance Increase 45% Guide Divine Fury down DCI 10%. you need 55% if you want reduce this effect, too you can have 70% if you want reduce HLD effect
Faster Cast Recovery 6 Guide Magery cap is 6
Faster Casting 4 Guide Magery is 2 and Chivalry is 4, if you have 70 or more Magery and Chivalry cap is 2
Lower Mana Cast 40% Guide It can be decreased by having certain skills. With 200 to 299 skill points combined the mana cost will be reduced by 5. Having 300 or more will decrease the mana cost by 10
Lower Reagent Cost 100% Guide you dont need use regs
Luck 2000 Guide help to get more artys in Tokuno and in Paragon Artifacts.
Hit Point Regeneration 50-55 Guide
Mana Regeneration 18 Guide
Stamina Regeneration sin cap Guide
Reflect Physical Damage sin cap Guide
Spell Damage Increase sin cap Guide PvM not cap, PvP cap is 15% or 25% with inscribe
Swing Speed Increase Mx 1.25 S per fight Guide 60% total cap, weapons range is 40% y weapons 30%

¡PvP! (Player vs Player)
The PvP in Uo Lands is of high level, it is a very active part between the players, there are different combat styles and many types of build with its advantages and disadvantages, it explores all the possibilities..

- There is PvP between clans and between factions, it strives to be the best.

- In Uo Lands you will not find pets attacking in PvP, here the skill is valued and whoever wants to be a murderer or to be by Felucca will have to know how to take care of himself.

- There is also the PvP of the murderers, outside the guard area you can find these characters, almost everyone will be hostile, even among them usually have internal wars, be careful if you approach Despise.

- Only humans are able to wear Pads of the Cu Sidhe, you can't mount Cu Sidhe animal without animal taming skill.

- There are no explosion potions or bugs with surikens or fukiya dards.

- Dying must be a learning process, learn from the one who kills you to give you your death in the future.

¡PvM! (Player vs Monster)
you have all the Ml dungeons available.

Classic Map
The map of Uo Lands is the one of a lifetime, you will feel at home, Felucca, Trammel, Malas, Iishenar, Tokuno Islands.

Come on!!
Here you have a small summary of several systems of Uo Lands.

- Zoo where you can training animal taming 50/120.

- Pets will not attack the PvP except the lesser Hiryu, if you go to Felucca it is advised to defend.

- Npc Pillator that will never die and does very little damage, perfect for climbing combat skills

- Have your name safe since you can not repeat the names.

- Power Scrolls book, you can organize your power scrolls

-Customizable House System, create your house from its foundations, each house will be unique!

-Anti-Speed ​​Hack system, detection of offenders and semi-automatic account locking.