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Legacy Coins

You can get these coins in the game:
  1. Bernardo, a nice npc that walks through Luna, will change your money from the game (Gold) for Legacy coins (Legacy coins)
  2. In specific events and monsters, small amounts of Legacy coins can be obtained (There is currently a mini-champ at Buccaneer's Den where the final boss will give coins)
  3. Jonas, will put your pvm skills to the test with the quests the glorious hunter and the glorious hunter II, upon completion he will deliver you Legacy coins.
  4. Every second that you are online in the server is to appreciate for that reason every hour you will get 10 Legacy Coins automatically in your bank.
  5. The Tyrant of Despise will give you the mission "live the murderers" when you finish it will give you Legacy coins as a gift, this quest is focused on pvp people because it is in Felucca
Once you have the coins there will be 3 npcs who will want to negotiate with you to snatch them, but in exchange they will give you one of the objects they want (random) These npc are:


For 20000 Legacy coins will make you an exchange for any of these objects:

  1. Samurai Helm
  2. Runic Barbed(10/50)uses
  3. Trevol Cinture
  4. Intelligence Sash
  5. Quiver Of Infinity
  6. Dumbledore Quiver
  7. Despicable Quiver
  8. Lavaliere
  9. Night Eyes
  10. Protect Cincture Father
  11. Lucky Necklace
  12. Poison Wind
  13. Conjurers Grimoire
  14. Compassions Eye
  15. Don Pelayo Cloak Father
  16. Sash Espartano
  17. Power Scroll Book
  18. Bloodwood Spirit Father
  19. Quiver Of Trevol
  20. Jester Hat of Chuckles
  21. Shroud of the Condemned
  22. Runic Horned(5/50)uses
  23. Soles Of Providence


For 25000 Legacy coins will make you an exchange for any of these objects:

  1. Father Boots
  2. Stormgrip Father
  3. Sosarias Cincture
  4. Wizard Defender Glasses
  5. Leggings Of Embers
  6. Wizards Crystal Glasses Father
  7. Fey Leggings father
  8. Heart Of The Lion Father
  9. Wizar Hat
  10. Kasa Of The Rajin Father
  11. Quiver Of Life
  12. Mace Shield Glasses Father
  13. Leurocians Mempo Of Fortune
  14. Rideable Polar Bear
  15. Quiver Of Warrior
  16. Ethereal CuSidhe
  17. Ethereal Reptalon
  18. Ethereal Hiryu
  19. Ps de Tailoring (15/20)
  20. Quiver Of Wizard
  21. Runic Heartwood(30)uses


For 30000 Legacy coins will make you an exchange for any of these objects:

  1. Father Warrrior Earrings
  2. Father Wizard Earrings
  3. Father Sash
  4. Final Cincture Father
  5. Protect Cincture Father
  6. Protect Robe Father
  7. Quiver Of Warrior
  8. Quiver Of Wizard
  9. Ramdom Power Scroll 120
  10. Runic Verite(10/15)uses
  11. Robe Final Father
  12. Race Change Deed
  13. Swordsmanship Glasses
  14. Legacy Bracers
  15. Good Bless
  16. Humility Cloak